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20 Melhores Temas de Filmes
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20 Melhores Temas de Filmes

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1-American History X(We are not enemies)
2-Breaveheart(Breaveheart theme)
3-Gladiator(Enya-Now we are free)
4-Sweet November(Enya-Only Time)
5-Donnie Darko(Gary Jules-Mad World)
6-Kill Bill(Kill Bill Theme)
7-Schindler’s List(Theme From Schindler’s List)
8-Terminator 2(Main Theme)
9-Requiem for a Dream(Lux Aterna)
10-Matrix(Rob Dugan-Clubbed to Death)
11-Rush Hour(War)
12-Titanic(My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme)-Celine Dion)
13-The Last of the Mohicans(Promentory)
14-Pulp Fiction(Main title)
15-Fight Club(Placebo-Where is my Mind)
16-Back to the Future(Back To The Future-Outatime Orchestra)
17-The Godfather(Main title)
18-L?on(Sting-Shape of my Heart)
19-Sin City(End title)
20-The Bourne Identity(Moby-Extreme Ways)

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